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The Malware Museum

The Malware Museum

Computer viruses these days usually run silently on an infected computer as they are looking to secretly steal personal details from unknowing users. However in the 1980’s and 1990’s things were a little different, with a lot of malware programs proudly letting the infected user know that they had a virus.  This usually came in the form of a small message, but on occasion they would be presented with a fun animation and  some would even try to get user to play a game in hopes of getting their valuable data back.

Similar to street art today, creating a virus back then could be seen as an art form with hacker proudly but anonymously tagging their work to let a user know they had been caught.  It’s because of this creativity that computer historian Jason Scott, has put together a selection of these viruses online in the aptly names Malware Museum.

The versions that have been placed within this online showcase are perfectly safe, as all their malicious behaviour has been removed leaving just their messages and art work for people to view and enjoy.

Click here to View the Malware Museum.

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