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Why your business needs good design

Great design is not just for big brands. It’s equally important for small businesses and can really give you the edge over your competitors. Whether you’re a new business or looking at refreshing your brand, getting your corporate identity and promotional materials right is crucial. First impressions count and it only takes a few seconds for potential clients to form an opinion of your business. If you don’t have a professional and consistent design throughout, it can deter prospective customers from engaging with your brand.

It’s important that you don’t rush the design process when starting to develop your marketing tools. Take your time to really consider how your branding will look. What message are you trying to send and why? It’s not just about selecting a colour or layout, your design should be a visual representation of what your business stands for, what you are trying to achieve and what impression you want to give your potential customers.

What is design used for?

Design isn’t just about a great logo. A well thought out design should carry your corporate identity through all of your marketing material, it has to work on everything from business cards, website and social media, to any promotional literature or advertising, online or in print. Consistency in your marketing material shows customers that your business is professional and builds trust in your company, products and services.

What your design says about you

Your brand, logo and promotional materials say a lot about your business and should reflect you and your company’s Mission. Whether you sell goods or services, if you’re traditional or modern, in the public or private sector, good design can help customers to understand your business in just a glance. Good design can establish a strong identity for your business and help you stand out in the marketplace.

It’s not all about looks

How your business looks is very important, but don’t forget what you are saying is equally as important. Think about your content and your tone of voice. Do you want to sound business-like and corporate or friendly and informative? What impression do you want to give your potential customers? What is the call to action?

And finally…

Not only should your design be attractive to customers, but it’s important that you and your colleagues believe in it and all that it says about your business. Your staff are your greatest ambassadors so include them in the design process and make sure everyone is behind your brand.

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