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Microsoft goes Socl

After just over a year as an invite only site, Microsoft’s own attempt at a social network has been opened up to the wider public.

Socl – pronounced “social” combines some elements of Facebook and Pintrest with their search engine Bing, to allow its users to share content in an online gallery.

On their website Microsoft explains that Socl “allows you to express and share your ideas through rich post collages comprised of images, links, captions and videos.”


Creating your own post is quite an interesting experience. Instead of clicking to create new posts it starts with a search for a topic and from there you can build your own collage based on the images, links, videos and news articles that are found from that Bing search.


When it was first announced that Socl would be opening up its doors to everyone, we did say to ourselves “not another social network”, but after that initial scepticism we were pleasantly surprised by how it was different to what was already out there in the social networking world.

Only time will tell if it will be a success or just a passing fad like other Social Networks before it but if you fancy having a go you can login to Socl using a Microsoft or Facebook account.

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